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Make sure to download the app to access the Active Movers group.


You should participate in daily physical activity to gain health benefits. Some physical activity is better than none: even light activity brings some health benefits compared to being sedentary.


You should break up prolonged periods of being sedentary with light activity when physically possible, or at least with standing, as this has distinct health benefits for older people.


You should maintain or improve your physical function by undertaking activities aimed at improving or maintaining muscle strength, balance and flexibility on at least two days a week (see videos)


Each week you should aim to accumulate at least 150 minutes (21⁄2 hours) of moderate intensity aerobic activity, building up gradually from current levels.


Aim to consumer at least 2 litres of water every day.


Aim to get around 10,000 steps a day.

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You should have now gave access to the Active Movers group. This is used for communication within the group and is exclusively for you guys only. It is a great resource so let's try and use it regularly to keep each other motivated and accountable.

All statistics are taken from the UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines. 

"There is enough knowledge of the benefits associated with physical activity in older adults to categorically state that they outweigh the risks".

So are we ready to do this??!!

As well as your weekly sessions for the next 6 weeks, you will be required to update us all with your progress. I will post in the group most days but if you need any advice or information please get in contact.

Come back here to access different workouts and tips and facts as well as recipes and healthy eating ideas. There will be a new page for each of the 6 weeks.

flow like a pro

Perfect to do in the morning or at night with this Bonus workout!


Aim to do two toning sessions a week. You can mix up both upper and lower body, or one day focus on upper body and another day focus on the lower body i.e legs, glutes 

Upper Body Toning

Equipment - Light dumbbells 1-2kg's

Bicep curls x 8 both arms at the same time

Hammer curls x 8 both arms at the same time

Shoulder press x 8 both arms at the same time

Lateral raises x 8 both arms at the same time


Upper Body Toning 

Equipment - Lights dumbbells 1-2kg's

Tricep kickbacks x 8 both arms at the same time

Frontal raise x 8 each arm

Tricep overhead curl x 8 each arm


Lower Body Toning -STANDING

Equipment - Ankle weights, chair 

Lateral leg raises x 8 each leg

Leg extension x 8 each leg

Straight leg lift x 8 each leg

Leg curls x 8 each leg


Lower Body Toning - FLOOR

Equipment - Ankle weights, and Yoga Mat

Side lying leg raise x 8 each leg

Reverse side lying keg raises x 8 each leg

Prone curl (on tummy) x 8 each leg


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