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How was last week? Did you manage to monitor you fitness levels?


Did you manage to fit in the toning programme? How many times did you manage it? 


Continue to do the Toning exercises throughout the 6 weeks course. Remember we are aiming for a Toning workout twice a week from 30-45 minutes and to always warm up before hand.


This week we are looking at nutrition and ways of monitoring what we eat. I have added a handy tracker or why not use a diary?



Try a new breakfast idea, take a snap and share it in our group! Or inspire us with your favourite breakfast!


Aim to consumer at least 2 litres of water every day.


Aim to get around 10,000 steps a day.


Perfect to do in the morning or at night!

Next week...

We will be looking at resistance training using resistance bands/loops and the benefits they bring.

PLUS lots of yummy lunchtime ideas and recipes!

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Welcome to


Well done! You are half way there!

This week we have Zumba Gold Toning followed by week one and week two's Toning exercises.

Also this week are going to look at nutrition, being aware of what we eat and when we eat. Below is an optional food planner that can help you keep track and accountable to your goals. 

The Eatwell Guide

This little illustration below is a super for visual to see at a glance what and how much you should eat at a meal time. So when you dish up your next meat and two veg, have a think about the proportions shown in this plate to help you decide how much of each nutrition you should be consuming.

Breakfast ideas

For the next 4 weeks we will be looking at different meal times and snack ideas. So where better to start than Breakfast! See your checklist this week as you have a challenge! Earn the breakfast badge when you complete this!

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